Frida Kahlo

Queen B's

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How do I even begin to explain Frida Kahlo?

She has always been my favorite artist. I was intrigued as a young girl by her self portraits.

Frida Kahlo started painting when she was involved in an accident that caused her to be bed-ridden. In an act to cure her immense boredom, she began to look at herself in a mirror and paint herself. She didn’t believe she was any good (just like every other artist) but she still had the confidence to ask others what they thought of her work. One of the first people she asked was her soulmate, Diego. At the time, Diego was one of the artists at her school. She admired him, and always watched him from a distance. Frida was the ultimate prankster as well… always getting kids together to scheme this ideas of ways to annoy Diego.

If you have the chance… read Frida and Diego’s love story. It is a book that I absolutely cherish.





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