Begin Again


Begin_Again_film_poster_2014 begin-again rs_560x415-140328181340-1024.Begin-Again-Adam-Levine-Keira-Knightley.ms_.032814_copyBeginAgain4-1

For all of you music lovers…

you must see the film

“Begin Again”

I went and saw this movie on Saturday and I loved it! It was a great light-hearted movie with a perfect cast and soundtrack. Even if you don’t go see the movie… download the soundtrack. I can’t stop listening to it. Who knew Keira Knightley could sing?

Lost Stars -Adam Levine

Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home -Keira Knightley

No One Else Like You -Adam Levine

Lost Stars -Keira Knightley

A Higher Place -Adam Levine

Like A Fool -Keira Knightley

Coming Up Roses -Keira Knightley

A Step You Can’t Take Back -Keira Knightley

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