Monyca Eleogram

Queen B's

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Meet Monyca Eleogram,  one of my favorite surfers!

Monyca is a Maui girl on the Roxy surf team (I’m a pretty loyal Roxy girl.)

Monyca has been surfing the Hana waves since she was 6 years old and starting competing when she was 11. In ’05 and ’06, Monyca paved her way to success when she represented Hawaii at the Quiksilver Junior World Pro and qualified for the NSSA National Finals. This girl is known for her killer frontside carves and is married to sexy pro surfer, Ola Eleogram.

Monyca is the unofficial queen of salty hair, Maui’s sweetheart, a Roxy surfer/model, and the sweetest human being you’ve ever met.

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