Being Home




IMG_2765  IMG_2764


IMG_2793  IMG_2787 IMG_2796IMG_2789     IMG_2767 IMG_2810  IMG_2818 IMG_2814  IMG_2824  IMG_2832 IMG_2845photo 1-8  photo 2-9

   IMG_2842  IMG_2847 IMG_2834IMG_2855

photo 4-7  photo 3-6

Being home this week has been so wonderful. It’s been surfing and family time non-stop. Two of my favorite things. We’ve been surfing Old Man’s in San Onofre for the past couple mornings and the waves have been perfect (small and slow.) And of course, we finish off the surf session with a little Pedro’s. Hopefully we can figure out a way to move out here! I can’t stay away from the ocean too long.

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