Mini Golf Adventure


IMG_3068 IMG_3046  IMG_3004IMG_2934    IMG_2953  IMG_2962 IMG_3010 IMG_2987  IMG_3003 IMG_3000  IMG_2920 IMG_3066

Last night I needed any excuse to get out of the house after staring at a screen designing all day. So Zach and I drove around trying to think of things to do. Bowling wasn’t gonna work because I have the sweaty hands syndrome so it always results in me getting way too frustrated and bailing. Then Z requested mini golf. Do people even mini golf anymore? Anyways, I was super stoked because I basically kick ass at it. We went to Cherry Hill to play (the place gives me the creeps, sorry for those of you who have lovely childhood memories here.) It was so fun! Zach actually kept score the whole time, something I’ve never done. We were pretty feisty the whole time. Zach’s really competitive, so he gets in your head and basically convinces you that you aren’t good. What a guy… Sadly, I ended up losing by only 4 points… so devastating. Oh well, he knows I’m better 😉 he just got lucky this time.

After I ripped up the score card, we grabbed some In n’ Out and called it a night.


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