Monday Quote

Monday Quotes



One thing my parents always taught me growing up was not to force anything.

This doesn’t necessarily mean not to fight for everything…just don’t force it. Sometimes we try SO hard to try to make situations work out the way we want them too, but maybe it’s just not meant to be? MAYBE something better is just going to easily fall into place as soon as you let it go. 

Zach and I were looking for a place for months! We wanted so badly to move to California and nothing was working out. After giving it a rest, we decided it was best to stay in Utah. As soon as I let the whole California thing go, I got a wonderful job in Utah, we found a place we adore (I’ll post pictures when we move in), and I realized how much I love it here. The city, my extraordinary girls, the beautiful mountains, and everything else Utah has to offer.

If nothing is working out, just leave it. 

It could work out later, but right now it’s just not meant. Sometimes closing a door means 2 more will open.

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