My Ode to Summer

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“Bright yellow sparks glisten around the landscape
Sheer environment expose
Warmth slinks down every step
So– Invigorating
Spur like rays muster in long light
The wolves wait to howl
Soon–Bunch of flowers
Huddle in with sunlit love
Luminous rave.”

Good-bye Summer. I guess I’m ready for Sweater Weather. 

My Future Home?


Welcome to the most glorious home in Captain Jack’s wharf, also known as the the nation’s most beautiful row of bay bungalows. Located in the heart of Cape Cod, this home is almost persuasive enough to make me cheat on the West Coast. These cottages surrounded by the sea are maintained by their unofficial captain, Gregory Saint Jean. I’ve decided I am going to contact this man and demand to live in the lighthouse. Enjoy these pictures and fall in love just like I did!

beach-shack-01-600x405 beach-shack-03-600x568  beach-shack-04-600x806beach-shack-02 beach-shack-05-600x455


Who’s up for living here with me?

Limited Edition Print!

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 IMG_3570 love-alone 

So guys! I had the RADDEST opportunity to work with the non-profit Fight The New Drug to design a limited edition print for their store. FTND is an organization that provides information on the harmful effects pornography has on society today. They are an awesome group of people who have a wonderful insight on how to help our youth overcome their addictions.

Here is the link to the interview I did with their Social Media Director, Robbie Tripp:

and here’s where you can buy a limited edition print:

If you know someone who is struggling from a pornography addiction, check out Fight the New Drug and see how they can help. Thanks guys!! 

Craft Lake City


IMG_3497 IMG_3487 IMG_3484 IMG_3489 IMG_3486 IMG_3450 photo-6IMG_3476 IMG_3462 IMG_3466 IMG_3470 IMG_3459 IMG_3436 IMG_3446 IMG_3404 photo 2-10IMG_3441 IMG_3433IMG_3458 IMG_3419 IMG_3415 photo 1-9 IMG_3398 photo 3-7 photo 4-8 photo 5-5

Today me and the siblings, minus Erin, (we miss you SOOO much) explored downtown a bit and went to Craft Lake City. I could’ve spent ages there. The artwork there was top notch. I ended up buying two prints, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings (I went a little overboard.) Although I was literally mesmerized by every artist, my favorite booths were Crow Leather Goods, My Little Belleville, Love Frida, and Bee Teeth. Check them all out.. you will fall in love. There was soothing live music everywhere, a bunch of trendy little families, amazing SLC artists, I was there with two of my fave people, and it was right in the heart of the city I call home. Can’t wait for next year!

Mini Golf Adventure


IMG_3068 IMG_3046  IMG_3004IMG_2934    IMG_2953  IMG_2962 IMG_3010 IMG_2987  IMG_3003 IMG_3000  IMG_2920 IMG_3066

Last night I needed any excuse to get out of the house after staring at a screen designing all day. So Zach and I drove around trying to think of things to do. Bowling wasn’t gonna work because I have the sweaty hands syndrome so it always results in me getting way too frustrated and bailing. Then Z requested mini golf. Do people even mini golf anymore? Anyways, I was super stoked because I basically kick ass at it. We went to Cherry Hill to play (the place gives me the creeps, sorry for those of you who have lovely childhood memories here.) It was so fun! Zach actually kept score the whole time, something I’ve never done. We were pretty feisty the whole time. Zach’s really competitive, so he gets in your head and basically convinces you that you aren’t good. What a guy… Sadly, I ended up losing by only 4 points… so devastating. Oh well, he knows I’m better 😉 he just got lucky this time.

After I ripped up the score card, we grabbed some In n’ Out and called it a night.


Being Home




IMG_2765  IMG_2764


IMG_2793  IMG_2787 IMG_2796IMG_2789     IMG_2767 IMG_2810  IMG_2818 IMG_2814  IMG_2824  IMG_2832 IMG_2845photo 1-8  photo 2-9

   IMG_2842  IMG_2847 IMG_2834IMG_2855

photo 4-7  photo 3-6

Being home this week has been so wonderful. It’s been surfing and family time non-stop. Two of my favorite things. We’ve been surfing Old Man’s in San Onofre for the past couple mornings and the waves have been perfect (small and slow.) And of course, we finish off the surf session with a little Pedro’s. Hopefully we can figure out a way to move out here! I can’t stay away from the ocean too long.

Zach’s First Day Surfing/US Open

















SO while we’ve been in Newport, Zach has been learning how to surf. Gotta have a surfer boy husband! Hopefully he can stand up by the end of the week? Or we’ll just have to move here…. After surfing we headed to the US Open of Surfing to watch the girls’ heat. My girl Laura Enever was out there which I was stoked about. I love the Billabong and Roxy girls. We’ll probably be back there this weekend. US Open is always prime people watching and obviously great surf watching. I love being home. Wish I could stay forever!

July Inspiration

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 5acb14dd3e04cf147f09f321f7bd5db9 675a771ab296f3e5a63a887ff68852fc 2ec956810715fe14f617f154c91b106a729391f7382f7162943df6f9197cd2a8 6ff8775ca3622236ae9726f566451dcc tumblr_n0ur8vUuZt1t2j88ho2_500a9780d15cca23c81600add96fce4d597 bcc94926b8dcf30da240007d4fe8826f caae3b1e73ed3c903ccc4326d24f7418  tumblr_n0ye9zXMF51t2j88ho3_500  tumblr_n2o2zhVPB01t2j88ho1_1280  tumblr_n5w9lgKzLp1t2j88ho3_500 tumblr_n038caYsoc1t2j88ho1_500 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I’m refusing to believe that summer will ever end. Looks like I’m going to have to move back to the beach before sweater weather creeps up on us all. Here are some gorgeous photos that have been my inspiration for the week. My husband and I are visiting California next week so I’ll have a lot more summer pictures/photoshoots for the blog. I’m so excited about all the positive feedback we’ve gotten for The Sailor’s Song. We have many wonderful changes coming your way soon, that we are really excited about. So keep posted!

All my love, The Sailor’s Song

Red Butte Gardens

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 IMG_2243 IMG_2245  IMG_2263 IMG_2317 IMG_2259 IMG_2338 IMG_2272 IMG_2296 IMG_2411 IMG_2356 IMG_2189 IMG_2205IMG_2377 IMG_2346 IMG_2322 IMG_2420 IMG_2389 IMG_2414

For Utah’s good ol’ holiday “Pioneer Day” Zach and I visited the Red Butte Gardens. I don’t know how I’ve never been there before. It’s so close to us and SO beautiful. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. I could’ve wandered around there for hours. Zach took a majority of these photos…he’s getting pretty good with our new little gadget. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!