Free People’s Fall Lookbook

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I couldn’t help but repost all of the BEAUTIFUL photos taken for Free People’s White Magic lookbookThe model is Delilah Parillo. And yes, she is the most gorgeous human being on the face of the earth. Also–my favorite makeup artist Stacey Tan created her look. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Shop this look at:

and if you can’t get enough of this beauty….

follow her on instagram: @lilahsummer

My Ode to Summer

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“Bright yellow sparks glisten around the landscape
Sheer environment expose
Warmth slinks down every step
So– Invigorating
Spur like rays muster in long light
The wolves wait to howl
Soon–Bunch of flowers
Huddle in with sunlit love
Luminous rave.”

Good-bye Summer. I guess I’m ready for Sweater Weather. 

The Color of the Season

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As much as I hate to see Summer slip away, Fall fashion makes it all better. When the leaves start to change, I know it’s time to run to Barnes & Noble and stack up on every September Issue I can get my hands on. Vogue has just told us the color of next season…… OXBLOOD! This made my heart leap with joy. Oxblood was the color of my entire wedding and I love painting with it. It’s such a deep, velvety, rich shade. I can’t get enough. So stock up on your oxblood lipstick and nail polish, and let’s greet Autumn with an appropriate welcome.

SCF Ladies & Gentlemen Lookbook

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The new Stone Cold Fox Fall ’14 cookbook “Ladies and Gentlemen” just came out today and I literally just died and went to heaven. One of my favorite ever photographers, Phillip Lopez (owner of SCF’s BF), shot all of these photos and they are breathtaking. I’d be happy sitting in a closet full of these dainty, lacy, pieces of heaven. Why was I not invited to this dainty umbrella, eyelet dress extravaganza? Cydney and Dallas did a remarkable job designing this collection. Make sure you check them out on their website


July Inspiration

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I’m refusing to believe that summer will ever end. Looks like I’m going to have to move back to the beach before sweater weather creeps up on us all. Here are some gorgeous photos that have been my inspiration for the week. My husband and I are visiting California next week so I’ll have a lot more summer pictures/photoshoots for the blog. I’m so excited about all the positive feedback we’ve gotten for The Sailor’s Song. We have many wonderful changes coming your way soon, that we are really excited about. So keep posted!

All my love, The Sailor’s Song