Monday Quote

Monday Quotes



Ain’t that the truth. Start planning a trip because…..

1.) It gives you something to look forward to/something to obsess over.

2.) If you actually start planning it entirely, maybe you’ll actually go?

3.) I can promise you.. it’ll indeed make you richer– at heart and at mind, which is all that matters.


My next trip I’m planning is to Vietnam or maybe a surf trip up the West Coast… 

Where do you plan on going?



Prints for Sale!

Artwork, Paintings, Prints

IMG_2906  IMG_2904 IMG_2901  IMG_2908 IMG_2912 IMG_0263  IMG_0270 IMG_2917IMG_0266  IMG_0268  IMG_0273 IMG_0275  photo 4-6  IMG_0277 IMG_0286 IMG_2910   IMG_2919 IMG_0280 IMG_0259  IMG_0385 photo 3-5  IMG_8304

Here are some of my 8×10 prints that I have for sale!

I’m doing a shipment of them next week so order them now!

They are $12.00 each + shipping.

Email me if you’d like one at:

California Map Poster

Artwork, Paintings, Prints


Thanks for your patience! Had some trouble uploading this post.



19 in. x 25 in.


$18.00 plus shipping

contact me @ if you’d like to buy one of these prints!

& a side note… I love doing custom designs! if you have an idea in mind that you’d like me to paint/design, just email me and we can discuss.